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Adorable video chat

As more and more people buy into the Echo family, they are also learning the nuances of owning these types of devices – specifically, that they can’t always understand you and don’t always do what you want them to do.One family learned this the hard way: Watch this 24-second video of a very young boy politely asking the Echo Dot to play him a song, and watch the Echo Dot not understand a word he says.Or maybe she is just daring them to get out of the box and face them all.Watch this adorable video of the mother cat preaching her little kittens.

In fact, the Echo Dot has been the top-selling device on since November 1.

He bites me sometimes." The actor also admitted that he has to tell his son, "No comas eso (don't eat that).

Torna, dal 3 al 12 novembre, la rassegna culturale sui temi della morte e del morire.

Je hoeft dit niet alleen te doen: de fiscus betaalt mee.

Dit kan behoorlijk veel belastingvoordeel opleveren.

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