Adam scott dating tennis player

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Adam scott dating tennis player

Adam Scott didn't have to wait long to enjoy some success on the pro tour. Tour and began racking up victories on both sides of the Atlantic.

He joined the European Tour 2001 and, that same year, won his first European Tour title at the Aflred Dunhill Championship in South Africa. In 2003, Scott made major headlines when he became the youngest golfer ever to win the Player's Championship, widely considered the game's "fifth" major.

In May 2014, Scott became the first Australian to hold the world's No. He remained in the top spot until being supplanted by Rory Mc Ilroy in August.

By Alex Myers Adam Scott isn't married and the biggest hug he got on Augusta National's 10th green after winning the Masters on Sunday came from his caddie, Steve Williams. I'm very much in a relationship, and am very happy at the moment."Check it out below at about the mark: When pressed to give a name of his significant other, Scott said, "Marie." So who is this "Marie," you ask?

Just as before, however, Adam Scott didn't wallow.

He enjoyed more success later that year with victories at the Australian PGA Championship and the Australian Masters.

"As a golf pro, I appreciated the need for solid technique, but I never tried to cloud his mind with too many technical thoughts." But Scott's talent was hard to ignore.

He was just 13 when he beat his dad for the first time, and, at his father's club, Scott regularly beat players much older than him.

By the late 2000s, Scott's career seemed to know no bounds. Then, in 2008, he won the Byron Nelson Championship. Scott experienced an emotional break-up with his longtime girlfriend, broke a hand and then got sick.

He won the season-ending Tour Championship of the U. Tour in 2006, and finished third on the money list. Eventually, these personal setbacks took their toll on his golf game.

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In 2009, his worst as a pro, Scott missed the cut 10 times in 24 tournaments.

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