5th dating wheel

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We were looking for a warm and fun place to pass the time until the next Vineyard season.

Our standard late night activities included watching 3 syndicated reality dating shows on whatever the local WB Network channel was. To me it was the worst of the three, and involved cheesy pop-up bubbles on the screen. A guy or girl went on a date with 4 members of the opposite sex, and would gradually get rid of them one at a time.The 5th Wheel was a dating show where two dating couples are sent out on a joint date, only to have a 5th person (an extra man or woman) join the group.In the end, everyone has to vote with whom he/she wants to go out, even with the option to choose nobody.At the end they would all pick who they liked best, or nobody.At 2 am it was time to go to bed, and I remember constantly falling asleep annoyed at the people for not picking "nobody" often enough.

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