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After all, this all-star spook house thriller works more like a carnival ride than a movie.

Geoffrey Rush hams it up as a millionaire who invites a group of weirdos to spend the night in – gasp!

Boasting an eccentric sense of humor and weird early performances by Matthew Mc Conaughey and Philip Seymour Hoffman, was marketed like it was going to be the next great slasher franchise, but nobody saw the danged thing.

That’s a pity, because they probably would have liked it just fine.

Larry Drake plays a homicidal doctor who metes out violence on his patients while uncontrollably giggling to himself, in a performance that’s campy, but creepy nevertheless.

Even some of the so-called “bad” horror movies of the era are worthy of new eyes twenty years later, and it may surprise you to learn that they play a lot better now than they did the first time. Shot on home video, Ittenbach’s movie is the sick tale of a demented teen telling his little sister bedtime stories, but they are completely unacceptable for children or even adults of any age, detailing detestable murders and finally a descent into one of the most gruesome Hells ever conceived.

A group of film students rents out a movie theater for an all-night horror film festival, complete with William Castle gimmicks like Smellovision and electrified seats, but in all the crowd-pleasing commotion nobody seems to notice that a maniac is murdering everyone offstage.

Clever deaths and an unexpected, charismatic villain make co-star returned to the director’s chair for a goofier but still very likable zombie rom-com, about a teen who asks the hottest girl in school to the prom just before he dies.

A documentary film crew treks their way through the Amazon and runs across a Paraguayan trapper played, with absolute scenery-chewing glee, by Jon Voight.

He tricks them into helping him hunt a rare and gigantic anaconda, a quest which eventually gets practically everybody killed. This clever supernatural thriller, directed by makeup effects maestro Robert Kurtzman, stars Andrew Divoff as an ageless djinn who has unlimited power, but he can’t use it unless somebody else makes a wish.

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) and features one of Robert John Burke’s best performances.

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